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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click (PPC) is a proven, effective method to drive leads to your website. As Google professionals we would love the opportunity to set up and manage your Google Adwords campaign to help drive traffic and revenue to your business.

We implement a proven strategy that includes:

  • Keyword Research – We use special tools and software to determine the best areas to drive traffic and increase potential traffic.  We use a range of criteria that include competition, expected search results, KEI, and price per click.
  • Quality Score Management – Monitoring your quality score allows us to track relevance, reduce bounce rate, and improve visitor experience.
  • Copy Writing – We create effective ads using chosen keywords to target your audience and increase conversions.
  • Analytics Tracking – We integrate your Google Adwords and Analytics accounts to track and monitor your campaign and ensure premium  conversions and Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Reporting – 12 State Creative will provide Adwords performance reports based on the amount of time chosen by you the client.

Contact Dog Days Design today or call us at 336-207-8317 to inquire more information about our Google Adwords campaign services and how we may be able to help your business grow and succeed.

At Dog Days Design we take pride in helping businesses with their pay per click (PPC) and Google Adwords management.