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Monthly Maintenance

Affordable Monthly Maintenance Packages

Dog Days Design understands your website needs to grow just like your business. Our monthly packages are flexible and entitle you to a myriad of services. Whether you need a custom designed banner offering a monthly special or would like to add a new page to your site to promote a new or featured service, our maintenance plans have you covered.

I Already Have My Website.
Why Do I Need Monthly Maintenance?



Google places a higher priority to websites that show activity. By creating new content you increase your visibility to the major search engines and are able to promote new or existing services. Because of this, monthly maintenance is essential to growing your business and your website.



Unfortunately the world is full of people that are looking to exploit your website. Keeping your website up to date helps to minimize your security risks. Best of all, every one of our monthly maintenance packages include behind the scenes updates to ensure your site remains clean and running smoothly.


Turn Around.

Dog Days Design understands when you need something done you need it done quickly. We place the highest priority on our monthly maintenance package clients. This means we will have your changes and adjustments up within 1-2 business days.

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Service Plan Package Details Price per Month
Bronze 3 Hour web site maintenance per month $250
Silver 5 Hour web site maintenance per month $400
Gold 8 Hour web site maintenance per month $650
Platinum 12 Hour web site maintenance per month $1000

Bank Your Time to Save Money


Do you have unused hours at the end of the month? Any business knows some months are slower than others. Have no fear about losing those precious hours. Dog Days Design allows you to roll over (pun intended) any unused hours to the next month. This way you can be assured none of you money is going to waste.

Dog Days Design’s monthly plans free you and your employees up to work on the revenue generating aspects of your business. You will not have to rely on your employees who may or may not have the knowledge to effectively update your site. Our worry free maintenance plans provide you with the freedom to grow you business without the bother of constantly updating your website.