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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Proper installation of Google Analytics is crucial for tracking the performance of your website. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that when used correctly will show you how users are searching and finding your website, and once there how they are using it.

google analytics

When implemented properly Google Analytics can be used to:

  • Set up Goals and Funnels – We will determine the proper goals for determining when a visitor has used your site properly and set up funnels to help track these goals.
  • Track eCommerce Campaigns – Implement all necessary code to track your eCommerce campaign and determine strengths and weaknesses.
  • Track Adwords Campaigns – If you are running a Google Adwords campaign we will set up your Analytics account to track your campaign and determine where conversions are being made.
  • Overall Campaign Management – Dog Days Design employs Google Analytics Qualified Individuals to implement and track your overall Google Analytics accounts.

Contact Dog Days Design today or call 336-207-8317 to speak with us further about your goals and objectives for your website. We will work with you to create accounts, configure, setup goals, funnels, eCommerce, site search, and any other aspect of your Google Analytics account.

At Dog Days Design we take pride in helping businesses properly set up and manage their Google Analytics accounts.