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Content Creation

Content Creation

Google releases new algorithm updates on a regular basis and as a result the methods in which Search Engine Optimization companies achieve results are changing rapidly as well.

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The newest trend in SEO can be summed up using the phrase “Content is King”. This statement cannot be more true as search specialists continue to tweak and enhance their optimization techniques.

The emphasis on unique and original content helps your site inform users properly of the services and information you wish to provide while staying relevant to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Essentially your rankings and traffic are correlated with the quality of your content and the frequency in which you publish.

At Dog Days Design we employ a team of qualified writers with years of experience creating unique and informative content. We analyze your site’s performance and determine how users are finding your site and where you may need improvement.  From there we create content that best helps your sites gains users and achieve beneficial results.

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At Dog Days Design we take pride in helping businesses create unique, original web content.